Maria Àngels, a patient of the Foundation


Maria Àngels went to the ophthalmology centre for the first time in 2002. She tells us that the abysmal differences in the dioptres of her eyes and her contact lenses, which were no longer working well, had diminished her quality of life. A well-known optometrist told her that if she planned to “touch” her eyes, the best place to visit was the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre. At that moment, she couldn't even see the colour of the traffic light to cross the street; she felt on the edge of an abyss.

She went to the centre, had the tests done and then Dr. Kargacin visited her, she says she was very kind and recommended that she have surgery. The operation lasted 10 minutes and then when they uncovered her eye, she could see again. Since she was 17 she couldn't see well and at 32 she “came back to life.” The process was repeated exactly the same with the other eye and after 15 days she could see well again. She could say that those 20 or 25 minutes radically changed the quality of her life. She tells us that from that moment on: “I was able to get back in the car in a few days, feel the freedom, travel and see the world. "To live again thanks to the professionalism of the doctor."

And again, more than 20 years later, she had to undergo surgery and, very enthusiastic, she recognizes that “they have saved my life again, Dr. Lamarca has not only operated on me, he has changed my life. Now I see well, I can return to a normal life, I can drive, go out, work and for all this, I am very grateful.” The patient extends her gratitude to the medical team that has treated her, to the doctors' secretaries, to the emergency and contactology team, to Juan, the person who cares for the patients as soon as they enter the centre, and also to the hospital team. Foundation, which has allowed him to return to Barraquer.

Núria Delsors, social worker