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The month of May marked one year since the signature of the partnership agreement with General Óptica and the Barraquer Foundation, and at the present time, the balance couldn't be more positive. The excitement, good will, and the eagerness of all parties to pitch in has led to us creating and consolidating a highly effective working methodology over the last few months which is providing excellent results. General Óptica has made its more than 200 nationwide stores available to the patients of the Barraquer Foundation, so they can choose which one suits them best for a consultation to get their prescription glasses at a very discounted price. Authorisation and an appointment must be arranged in advance. Thanks to this flexible system—working even better every day—50 people have been able to attend and get their prescription glasses over the past year as part of the “Mirem per tu” project, its best partner being General Óptica.

In addition to this support, the company made a significant donation of material to the medical expedition to Gambia last year, and provides volunteer optometrists for the eye health check-up days carried out monthly by the Barraquer Foundation at the centres of partner organisations. We’d like to make the most of the first anniversary of our partnership to thank General Óptica for its invaluable help. We hope that we can continue working together for many years to help the most vulnerable collectives.