After 50 years of service in our Centre, Dr.  Ignacio García Barberán is entering his well-deserved retirement. We would like to reproduce the letter he wrote to his colleagues at the Centre so that it is available to all our patients. Thank you very much Dr. García Barberán

"Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I had always thought I’d say farewell differently, but the arrival of the wicked and destructive coronavirus has forced us to change plans.

Just over fifty years ago, I came to our beloved Barraquer Clinic, joining as the first medical observer, then as an external medical doctor, and a house officer (resident) until July 1974.

Then, at the request of our dear Prof. Joaquín Barraquer, I took over the Glaucoma Department—a department that was somewhat of a “burden” for those that had occupied the post until that time and who ended up leaving it just a few years later, which is why the Professor asked me to try stick it out as long as possible. Well, almost 46 years have gone by since then. I started off on my own in the department and at present there are six team members including myself. The current coordinator is Dr. Maribel Canut. I have to say that between us we created a highly collaborative service, but above all, in an atmosphere of friendship and great camaraderie and for that I’d like to show my deepest thanks.

It would be remiss of me to leave without mentioning each and every one of the services and departments. The medical staff with whom in mutual collaboration we have solved the problems of so many patients.  The surgical department with its anaesthetists, technicians, assistants, and nurses—those who so often help us to ease moments of tension during certain surgical procedures. The secretaries in general—their help is invaluable in our work. May I also mention my secretary from day one, María Jesús Forner, who is always attentive and caring towards patients and such a wonderful person. Thank you María Jesús. Thank you to all the departments and services, to Administration, IT, Reception, Archives, Workshop, Maintenance; in short, thank you to everyone.

Thanks a million to the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre for giving me the means to undertake my ophthalmic training and practice it in optimum conditions. Thank you to the Barraquer family in general, Prof. Rafael Barraquer, Dr. Elena Barraquer, and Mrs. Mariana Barraquer, for their ever-present displays of affection, and to our beloved Prof. Joaquín Barraquer, towards whom I’ll always show my gratitude, admiration, and respect.

I leave having experienced so many wonderful moments both inside and outside the Clinic with many of you. These memories will always be life-affirming.

Many thanks. My warmest regards to everyone."

Ignacio García Barberán