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About us

In 2003 Professor Joaquín Barraquer, together with Dr. Rafael and Dr. Elena Barraquer decided to take a further step in their vocation to help everyone as equals, and instituted the Barraquer Foundation, in order to provide eye treatment to populations in depressed areas of the world. That same year, Professor Joaquín Barraquer sold his Mercedes 540K gift to his father King Farouk Professor Ignacio Barraquer, of which only three units were known in the world. The benefits from the sale were the initial capital of what is now known as Barraquer Foundation.

Dr. Elena Barraquer , Vice President and Executive Director of the Foundation, takes in her hands the personal and professional challenge of giving form and content to the project, and with great enthusiasm , in 2004 , made the first humanitarian trip to Senegal.

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38,321 Medical consultations
9,119 Cataract
15,375 Donated glasses


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