She graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2005. She took her house officer specialist training in Ophthalmology at the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre (2006-2010). She undertook further training in the subspecialist area of uveitis and ocular inflammation in centres in the United States like the Massachusetts Eye Research and Surgery Institution (Cambridge, January-June 2011) and the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute (Miami, September-November 2011). She is currently a member of the Vitreous-Retina Department and specialises in the treatment of uveitis and ocular inflammation at the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre.

Professional activity

  • She is an ophthalmologist in the areas of the retina and vitreous and uveitis and ocular inflammation at the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre.
  • Member of the teaching team for Master’s degree courses and Postgraduate single-specialisation courses organised by the Barraquer Institute.
  • Member of the International Ocular Inflammation Society, the Spanish Ocular Inflammation Society and Spanish Vitreo-Retinal Society

Important publications

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