At our Centre, we have a department specialising in this pathology, where we treat all types of cataracts

Cataracts are one of the most common causes of a loss of vision. Due to ageing, naturally the crystalline lens gradually loses its transparency which is accompanied by a loss of vision. Although the majority of cataracts are age-related, there are other types like congenital cataracts (existing from birth), or even cataracts that are side effects of certain diseases (uveitis, diabetes), of medication (corticosteroids) or of eye trauma.

Types of cataracts


Treatment for cataracts is surgical. The cataract is extracted and an intraocular lens is put in its place. 

Medical team

Our team is made up of expert surgeons who are nationally and internationally renowned:

Prof. Rafael I. Barraquer

Dr. Elena Barraquer 

Dr. Marinka Kargachin

Dr. José Lamarca Mateu

Dr. Milan Pešić

Dr. Francisco Ruiz Tolosa

Dr. Paola Sauvageot


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