Last December we started the 'Tinguem Vista' campaign with the aim of promoting a healthy environment through local actions related to the preservation of biodiversity, care for the environment and sustainability. The first cause we chose was the sponsorship of one of the specimens found in the CRAM facilities, a reference center for the conservation of marine fauna.

Bernarda, the turtle that we sponsored a few weeks ago, continues with her recovery process. The Clinic and Rescue Area team continues to heal her skin using a healing treatment that is having very good results. In addition, since her admission, a follow-up of her fins has been made through X-rays, since the product that caused her skin loss can more easily expose her to bacteria that are naturally found in the sea.

In one of the last check-ups, an onset of osteomyelitis, a bacterial infection that produces a decrease in bone mass density, was detected in his right anterior fin. Thanks to regular check-ups, it has been detected in time and a specific antibiotic has already been administered to combat the bacteria that may have caused it. In recent days it has already been possible to see that the affected area has stabilized and in the coming weeks an exhaustive control of her condition will be carried out to see how she is progressing.

The whole team is very aware of her evolution with the hope that little by little her condition will improve. Bernarda has shown her vitality and a great appetite that has allowed her to gain weight. She doesn't spare any of the fish pieces that the CRAM volunteers feed her every day!