Belinda Washington

"The work the Foundation does is fantastic! The aim is very good: helping to improve the vision of people with eye problems. They go to countries where those without money barely receive any medical assistance."

Albert Om

"The Barraquer Clinic is a independent mini-state visited by people from all over the world, an autocratic monarchy governed by a charismatic and unique king, with a solid population of 300 workers and circulation of 600 patients each day."

Plácido Domingo

"In addition to his scientific knowledge and his wonderful and complete dedication to the patient, he has something even more honourable: his compassion, tenderness, devotion and attention at odds with human suffering or anguish in times of darkness."

Isabel-Clara Simó

"There is such a thing as the "Barraquer style"; it's unique and non-transferable. The great degree of compassion and attention with which both the most humble and unaware patient and the sophisticated millionaire are treated equally."

Mario Vargas Llosa

"One of the great merits of the Barraquer family is that they have always had a large civic and cultural responsibility along with their scientific rigour."

Luis Bassat

"I have great admiration for Professor Barraquer, for his medical talent, his international vision and also his musical passion. There is a strong emotional relationship between the Barraquer family and their clients."

Xavier Trias

"The Centro de Oftalmología Barraquer (Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre) was born out of a clear vocation to become a pioneering institution in this area of specialisation throughout the whole world."

Javier Godó, conde de Godó

"In the last third of the 19th century Barcelona had a generation of entrepreneurs among which were José Antonio Barraquer and Carlos and Bartolomé Godó. Their willingness to provide a service to society is one of the values that we share with the Barraquer family."

Antonio Franco

"In parallel to their skilled professional and entrepreneurial ophthalmology business, the commitment of the Barraquer family is important to develop a system that freely gives their knowledge to those who need it in another context."

Jordi Sabatés

"The Barraquer miracle: no haste, highly personalised attention, exhaustive rigour, free of stress and strain, all simmering in a long-standing and warm wisdom: in short - the Barraquer style."