“La Caixa” Banking Foundation gives a grant for research on which the Barraquer Intstitute works

Research and Teaching - 13/11/2018

Last week took place grant award ceremony of the research grant of "La Caixa" Banking [...]

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New issue of the Barraquer magazine number 33

The center - 09/11/2018

Latest issue of Barraquer Magazine No 33, now availabe on our website and in our center. Have a look at the on-line version. 03 Editor's Letter 05 Opinion. The WHO Barcelona Office for Health Systems Strengthening [...]

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Dr. Javier Elizalde participates in the XL Inter-American Course in Clinical Ophthalmology

Research and Teaching - 08/11/2018

On Sunday November 4, Dr. Javier Elizalde participated as a guest speaker at the

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Patients information - 07/11/2018

Hasn't everyone been bothered by light at some stage? When this situation is extreme, we call it photophobia, and it’s a symptom that has no call to be associated with any diseases. When light hits the [...]

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10 Interesting Facts about Breatfeeding

Patients information - 30/10/2018

It's true that nowadays we are all aware of the importance of feeding our newborn babies with breast milk. In fact, the WHO (World Health Organisation) recommends [...]

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Prof. Barraquer and Dr. Álvarez de Toledo at the American Academy of Ophthamology

Research and Teaching - 26/10/2018

Prof. Rafael I. Barraquer and Dr. Juan P. Alvarez de Toledo Elizalde [...]

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The Meibomian Glands

Patients information - 23/10/2018

Dry eye syndrome is a very common disease that affects more than half the population. Dryness of the eyes could be due to insufficient tear production and/or excess evaporation. [...]

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Professor Barraquer, made Chair by the UIC

The center - 18/10/2018

In September, the Governing Board of the International University of Catalonia appointed Professor Rafael I. Barraquer as Chair of Ophthalmology. He [...]

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Is it possible to suffer retinal detachment without symptoms?

Patients information - 15/10/2018

In the majority of cases, retinal detachment presents with symptoms, although they will depend on the degree of development of the detachment, which is why, in the very early stages, they cannot be detected by the patients [...]

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We celebrate World Sight Day 2018

Patients information - 11/10/2018

Today, October 11, World Sight Day (WSD)is celebrated to fight blindness and visual disability that affects the world population. According to data from the [...]

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Dr. Marta López Fortuny teacher in the IV Course of Surgical Anatomy of the Orbit and Eyelids

The center - 06/10/2018

  On 6 October, Dr. M. López Fortuny participated in the IV Orbit and Eyelids Surgical Anatomy Course, at the Faculty of Medicine of the

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The Barraquer Foundation with World Sight Day

Foundation - 04/10/2018

Coinciding with the World Sight Day (WSD) that is celebrated next Thursday, October 11, we continue with our task of prevention of visual health in the markets of [...]

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Can we avoid getting a stye?

Patients information - 02/10/2018

Can I, in some way, prevent styes from coming out? I feel like I get styes frequently (like one or two a year). The most important thing is the [...]

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Barraquer Ophthalmologists at the 94th Congress of the SEO

The center - 27/09/2018

At the end of September, the 94th Congress of the Spanish Ophthalmology Society was held in Granada

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Congenital cataract. Detection and treatment

Patients information - 20/09/2018

The crystalline lens is a lens that together with the cornea belong to the optical system of the eye. The purpose of this system is to focus the images onto the retina and thus initiate the [...]

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