The Masia: the urbanisation of Avenida Pearson

The center - 20/07/2018

  In 1925, Dr. Ignacio Barraquer commissioned architect Joaquim Lloret to build a manor house on land that he had purchased on Avenida Pearson. Back then it was a sparsely populated area in the Pedralbes [...]

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What you know about…? Glaucoma in 4 points

Patients information - 18/07/2018

What do you really know about this degenerative eye disease? Here are some interesting facts about glaucoma: It is estimated that more than 60 million people [...]

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Are styes infectious?

Patients information - 16/07/2018

A sty is an infection of the secretory glands, related to the eyelash follicles. Generally [...]

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Interview with Dr. Gemma Julio

Research and Teaching - 13/07/2018

Dr. Gemma Julio is the deputy director of research at the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre. She joined the Research Department two years ago. A pharmacy graduate, she received her PhD in [...]

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Preoperative study prior to refractive surgery

Patients information - 09/07/2018

A thorough preoperative study is always required before refractive surgery, so we can determine which surgical technique is most suitable in each case and get optimal visual outcomes that meet the expectations of [...]

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Are we born with keratoconus?

Patients information - 02/07/2018

Keratoconus is a disorder of the cornea that can make its first appearance at the age of ten, fifteen, [...]

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New issue of the Barraquer magazine out now

The center - 30/06/2018

Latest issue of Barraquer Magazine No 32, now availabe in our center. Have a look at the on-line version. 03 Editor's Letter

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The sea and swimming pool: risks for the eyes

Patients information - 27/06/2018

Infections, irritation and trauma are the most common problems to increase in the summer months, mainly due to exposure to seawater, swimming pool water and water sports.

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Tearing: treatment options

Patients information - 21/06/2018

  The lacrimal duct is a tube-shaped drainage system that catches tears through small openings (called lacrimal punta) in the nasal extremity of both eyelids and channels them to the nose [...]

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Letter of thanks and farewell from the WOC2018 President

The center - 21/06/2018

As the President of the World Ophthalmology Congress, it is my pleasure to thank you all for your contribution towards the success of this Congress. I hope that you had a nice stay in Barcelona and are taking back home an unforgettable memory of [...]

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WetLab en cirugía manual de catarata con incisión pequeña para el WOC

The center - 15/06/2018

Como clausura del World Ophtalmology Congress (WOC), celebrado en Barcelona del 16 al 19 de junio, en el Centro de Oftalmología llevaremos [...]

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3D live surgery at the WOC 2018

The center - 13/06/2018

Next Monday, June 18, the Barraquer Ophthalmology Center, in collaboration with the Barraquer Institute and with the support of Alcon and Zeiss, will offer a 3D surgery session as one of the most attractive WOC sessions. 

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The Barraquer Ophthalmology Center at the WOC 2018

The center - 11/06/2018

From 16-19 June, Barcelona will host the 36th World Ophthalmology Congress (WOC2018) of the International Council of [...]

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Joaquim Lloret i Homs and the Barraquer Family

The center - 04/06/2018

  The construction of Dr Ignacio Barraquer's house, doctor's surgery and ophthalmology clinic  began in 1934. The project was commissioned to Joaquín Lloret who, in December 1925, had [...]

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Tobacco and Eye Health

Patients information - 31/05/2018

The World No Tobacco Day is celebrated on May 31, and this year the WHO focuses on the relationship between tobacco and heart disease. At an eye level, [...]

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