Donations to the eye bank: giving more than just sight to one patient

Research and Teaching - 15/04/2019

When somebody donates their eyes, they don’t just help one or two people, they can help improve clinical eye care for everyone. After an organ donor passes away, consent [...]

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The Barraquer Foundation expedition to the Gambia

Foundation - 09/04/2019

A team from the Barraquer Foundation spent a week in the hospital in Brikama - one of the largest cities in the Gambia, located south of Banjul - providing ophthalmological [...]

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In conversation with Eduard Estivill

Patients information - 08/04/2019

  Born in Barcelona in 1948, Dr. Eduard Estivill is a doctor who is well known as a sleep expert. Author of numerous publications, he also has an artistic side which [...]

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Cornea and eye surface

Patients information - 25/03/2019

At our centre, we have a highly specialist cornea and eye surface department. The eye surface is a series of structures in the eye that work together and provide [...]

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Appreciation dinner to end the glaucoma campaign

Foundation - 21/03/2019

Yesterday there was an appreciation dinner for all the participants who made possible the last glaucoma campaign, carried out by the glaucoma department of the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre with the support of the

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Risks associated with changing the colour of the eyes

Patients information - 19/03/2019

Many techniques have been put forward and implemented in an attempt to change eye colour for aesthetic reasons, which depends on the amount and distribution of a pigment called melanin in the iris. Some [...]

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Dr. Canut is named Secretary General of the Spanish Glaucoma Society

The center - 15/03/2019

On March 8, Dr. Maria Isabel Canut, Coordinator of the Glaucoma Department of the Barraquer Ophthalmology Center, was named Secretary General of the

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Nueva revista Barraquer número 34

Patients information - 13/03/2019

Ya tienes disponible en nuestra web y en nuestro centro el nuevo número de la revista Barraquer del mes de marzo. Os adelantamos la versión online. 03 Editorial 05 Agenda 10 Hablamos con Eduard [...]

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Deogracias, patient with glaucoma for thirty years

Patients information - 12/03/2019

  He was 24 years old when he first came to the clinic and was diagnosed with glaucoma. His brother had lost an eye at nine due to the same disease, so he decided to put all his trust in the

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Dr. Victor Charoenrook at APAO 2019

The center - 11/03/2019

Last weekend Dr. Victor Charoenrook ended his participation as a guest speaker at the Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO) 2019 [...]

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Gambia Medical Mission

Foundation - 08/03/2019

Today, March 9, a medical mission of the Barraquer Foundation leaves for Banjul (Gambia), with Dr. José Lamarca and Dr. Borja Salvador, COB ophthalmologists, Dr. Marta Jerez, resident doctor, Dr. Ignacio Zabal, anesthetist and former clinic [...]

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Gabriel Rodrigo, moto3 rider and a patient who has undergone laser refractive surgery for myopia

Patients information - 07/03/2019

He had vision problems when he started competing at the age of 13. That was almost a decade ago and that is the time that has taken Gabriel Rodrigo, a motorcycle rider, to decide on laser surgery to correct his refractive problems at the

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Symptoms: dilated pupil

Patients information - 04/03/2019

The pupil, more commonly known as the "apple of the eye", is an apparently black hole in the centre of the iris, the part that gives the eye its colour. It is a dilatable and contractile opening whose [...]

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Maria Dolors, a patient operated on glaucoma and cataract

Patients information - 01/03/2019

Maria Dolors had always had vision problems due to myopia, with three dioptres in one eye and four in the other. When she was also diagnosed with hereditary glaucoma, she decided to go to the

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Aniridia: a rare eye disease

Patients information - 28/02/2019

Congenital aniridia (from the Greek an (without) iris) is a rare disease, which is mainly characterized by the absence of the iris, although it can be associated with alterations of other ocular structures and also of other [...]

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