Dr. Gorka Martínez named President of the Spanish Society of Plastic Ocular and Orbit Surgery

The center - 07/06/2019

Through a vote of members, Dr. Gorka Martínez Grau has been chosen as the new chairman of the Spanish Society of Plastic Ocular and Orbit [...]

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Annual General Meeting of the Barraquer Institute

Research and Teaching - 29/05/2019

Yesterday the Barraquer Institute held its Annual General Meeting, a yearly event full of awards which also featured the prestigious economist, José María Gay de Liébana.

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We remember Eduard Punset, Cooperator of Merit of the Barraquer Institute

Research and Teaching - 22/05/2019

We pay tribute to Dr. Eduard Punset, who died today at 82 years after a long illness. A multifaceted personality that has left a marked voyage after a life of complete dedication as a jurist, writer, economist, politician and, above all, as a [...]

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Clinical trials at the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre

Research and Teaching - 20/05/2019

Since 1941, the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre has specialised in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of eye diseases. Since then, it has put [...]

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Aurora, paciente de la Fundación Barraquer

Foundation - 16/05/2019

Aurora tiene 20 años, la primera vez que se visitó en la Clínica Barraquer tenía pocos meses de vida y padecía una enfermedad congénita. Su padre también fue paciente, se visitó por primera vez en la clínica en el [...]

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Last year residents in Barraquer pass the EBO exam

The center - 13/05/2019

Internal Medical Residents (MIR) who completed their training as specialists at the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre this year have successfully passed the Diploma of the

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Bariatric surgery: possible side effects on the eyes

Patients information - 07/05/2019

Our eyes need food. They use nutrients to gain energy and maintain their complex structure and function. This is part of the homeostasis, or the balance of nature the [...]

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¿Cómo puedo saber si soy buen candidato para la cirugía refractiva con láser?

Patients information - 30/04/2019

Hablamos de cirugía refractiva para referirnos al conjunto de técnicas quirúrgicas que tienen como objetivo corregir los defectos refractivos del ojo [...]

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New technology for studying the macula: the MAIA microperimetry

Patients information - 17/04/2019

Along with our doctors’ personal touch and experience, we continue working with the latest technology to get the best possible diagnosis for our clients. To optimise the [...]

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Josep, a patient treated for an ocular melanoma

Patients information - 16/04/2019

"The patient is also responsible for his recovery." This is the lesson that Josep has learned after having overcome an ocular melanoma that was unexpectedly diagnosed in [...]

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Donations to the eye bank: giving more than just sight to one patient

Research and Teaching - 15/04/2019

When somebody donates their eyes, they don’t just help one or two people, they can help improve clinical eye care for everyone. After an organ donor passes away, consent [...]

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The Barraquer Foundation expedition to the Gambia

Foundation - 09/04/2019

A team from the Barraquer Foundation spent a week in the hospital in Brikama - one of the largest cities in the Gambia, located south of Banjul - providing ophthalmological [...]

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In conversation with Eduard Estivill

Patients information - 08/04/2019

  Born in Barcelona in 1948, Dr. Eduard Estivill is a doctor who is well known as a sleep expert. Author of numerous publications, he also has an artistic side which [...]

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Cornea and eye surface

Patients information - 25/03/2019

At our centre, we have a highly specialist cornea and eye surface department. The eye surface is a series of structures in the eye that work together and provide [...]

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Appreciation dinner to end the glaucoma campaign

Foundation - 21/03/2019

Yesterday there was an appreciation dinner for all the participants who made possible the last glaucoma campaign, carried out by the glaucoma department of the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre with the support of the

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